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difficult conversations
with feedback from
world-class experts

Prepare for those trickier conversations at work with purpose by practising with an AI coach. No more panicked preparation, flustered feelings or awkward miscommunications.

Designed by experts; powered by AI.

A learning experience to be remembered

Practise anxiety and judgement-free

Rehearsable is your AI communication coach. It won’t judge you for making mistakes, and will happily practise with you whenever, wherever and how ever many times you want, until you’re feeling ready to apply your skills to a real-life conversation

Benefit 1

Create your own scenarios

Our Scenario Designer enables you to create custom scenarios for the conversations you're worried about. Practice with expert guidance until you feel confident and prepared to apply the skills in real-life.

Benefit 2

Analyse a real-life conversation


You'll soon be able to analyse a real-life meeting conversation to understand how you've applied the skills that you learned to your work. Receive tips in real-time, and retrospective insights to keep improving.

Benefit 2 Benefit 2 Benefit 2

For learners

AI conversation practice

Personalised, expert feedback

Audio and voice supported

Saved conversations and feedback

Bespoke scenario creation

For learning providers

Rich scenario creation tools

Real-time skills analytics

Flexible user management

Dedicated Slack channel

Expert AI support